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Tennessee Constitution 
(Adobe Acrobat Software is required to view this site.)

Official Compilation, Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee 
The Official Compilation contains all of the effective rules and regulations of the Tennessee state agencies.

Tennessee Attorney General Opinions 
The text of the current written legal opinions of the Tennessee State Attorney General are found here.

Tennessee Administrative Register (T.A.R.) 
The current edition of the Tennessee Administrative Register, as well as an archive of some past issues are found here. The T.A.R. is an official publication of the Tennessee Department of State and contains proposed rules, emergency rules, announcements and more.

Tennessee Code
The Tennessee Code contains the laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly for the state of Tennessee. The statutes found in the Code are divided into titles, chapters and sections.

Tennessee Bills at the Tennessee General Assembly Site 
Clicking on “Legislation” on the Tennessee General Assembly home page allows you to search for the full text of bills introduced in the Tennessee General Assembly.

Tennessee Public and Private Acts 
The texts of current public and private acts of the Tennessee General Assembly are found here. Bills introduced in the General Assembly which are passed into law become public or private acts. Public acts are normally codified into the Tennessee Code and affect all citizens of the state. Private acts are laws which may affect only an individual, a locality and one or more but not all three of the three political subdivisions of the state, and they are not codified into the Tennessee Code.

Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility
The Board of Professional Responsibility serves the public by supervising the ethical conduct of attorneys. Members of the general public, including clients, judges, or anyone who believes an attorney has acted unethically, may file either a formal complaint or an informal request for assistance from the Board. For alleged ethical violations of a serious nature, a formal complaint should be filed with the Board.


Findlaw: State Resources
This site allows you to click on a state and be taken to a page of links that are primary legal resources of that state, including legal codes and rules and regulations. It also provides links to individual state Attorney General home pages, to sites containing the full-text of state constitutions, and more.

Legal Information Institute – Law by Source – State
This site allows you to search for the constitutions, legal codes, rules and regulations, and other legal resources for other states. It even includes an index of state statutes by topic.

Administrative Code and Registers Section 
This site, maintained by the National Association of Secretaries of State, provides access to the administrative rules, regulations and registers from other states.

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