Memphis Reads – Roby Reviews: Changing Faces

Andrea reviews Changing Faces by Kimberla Lawson Roby, (Harper Collins, 2006)

Whitney, Taylor, and Charisse have all been best friends since high school. They are also each other’s worst enemies as well.

Plus-sized Whitney hates the fact she has no control over her eating habits but wants a man to love her and stay with her. She is too tired of all these men who use her and then leave her. The more she wants a commitment, the more depressed she gets and eats even more junk.

Taylor is probably the most level headed of the three friends. Her professional life as an attorney is shining and appealing but she can’t understand why her long-term boyfriend won’t settle down and marry her. Because of her sensibility and sensitivity, she often gets stuck playing referee to Charisse and Whitney.

Charisse is married and has two wonderfully adorable children. Her life may seem perfect but she is judgmental to all around her. The more judgmental she gets, the more she alienates her husband and her two best friends. She claims she is this way because her mother verbally and physically abused her.

The three women have their strife and struggles with each other and separately, but in the end will they be there for one another?

Andrea Bledsoe King, Cordova Branch