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Darletha reviews One in a Million by Kimberla Lawson Roby (HarperCollins, 2008)

Kennedi Mason is a happily married woman eager to share some really, really good news with her husband, Blake. Disregarding the “ladies first” rule, Blake makes an unexpected announcement of his own. Since Blake insisted on speaking first, Kennedi keeps silent about what she wanted to say. Now Kennedi has to readjust her life and create a new plan for her future (Here’s a hint: it involves a lottery ticket!). Along the way random strangers, relatives, old friends and even her husband complicate an already complicated situation. Luckily, Kennedi’s closest friend and her new acquaintances are there to support her through the emotional roller coaster that has become her life.

A departure from her popular Reverend Curtis Black series, One in a Million is a stand-alone title that uses dialogue and plot twists to address contemporary issues among families and couples. The characters are as familiar as any relative or friend from real life. The fast-paced plot has plenty of drama and moments of humor. In this novel a lot of events take place within a small window of time so make sure you have a reading buddy to talk to about this entertaining novel.

Darletha M., South Branch