Licenses and Permits

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Licenses and Permits


  • Shelby County Business Tax Division (Business License) 
    All businesses will continue to register with the County Clerk’s Office within 20 days after commencement of business to receive a business license. If the business is operating within a municipality, a separate city business license is required. A remittance of $15 must be submitted with each application. The annual business tax return will be filed on updated tax forms with the Department of Revenue. Applications may be submitted online, click New Business Application.
  • City of Memphis – Licenses and Permits
    The City of Memphis has a walk-through page detailing how to obtain a business license, how to renew a license, how to make a payment, how to obtain a certificate of use and occupancy, as well as professional licenses, regulatory permits, short-term rental licenses, property taxes, and transient vendor licenses.


  • TN Department of Commerce & Insurance – Regulatory Boards 
    This website provides information on how to acquire and maintain a professional license. From accountants and hairdressers to private detectives and real estate appraisers, this website will outline the necessary steps and forms for those professions required to be licensed to do business in Tennessee. 
  • Secretary of State – Businesses
    Find information on filing new business, filing annual reports, filing and searching UCCs, and more.
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