Marketing Your Business

    “ is a leading resource and reference site for those involved in marketing, market research, advertising, selling, promotion and other market-related areas.” The website also includes tutorials on how to conduct a marketing study and how to write a marketing plan.
    Information on this website is compiled by marketing professors and professionals. The website’s focus is on the “strategies and tactics that marketing firms use.” Registration is required and basic membership is free.
  • Rutgers University Libraries: Research Guides: Market Research
    This research guide, provided by the Rutgers University Libraries, “puts the top business research sources in one-easy-to-use place.” This particular guide “includes pointers to several important sources of statistical data on income, consumption, and demographics, to help you understand and define the market for your product or service.”
    Are your marketing efforts effectively promoting your small business?  Find out what topics and concepts you should consider when creating an integrated marketing plan.

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